How to disable/enable alert for a list or library in SharePoint 2019/2016/2013

This SharePoint tutorial explains, how to disable and enable alert in SharePoint 2019 or SharePoint 2013/2016.

We will see how we can disable or enable alerts in SharePoint 2019/2016/2013 using PowerShell or STSADM.

Enable and Disable alert in SharePoint

We can easily enable or disable alert in SharePoint using STSADM or PowerShell command.

Disable alerts in SharePoint using STSADM

Step 1: The below is the screenshot of my library where you can see the Alert me option on the right side of the ribbon in any list and document library in SharePoint. Below is the list ribbon in SharePoint 2019.

Step 2: You have to run the below command to deactivate alert in web application level or site collection level in SharePoint.

stsadm -o setproperty -propertyname alerts-enabled -propertyvalue false -url http://rajsitecollection/sites/Attendance

Step 3: Once this command executed successfully then Alert me option will disappear from the document library.

Enable alerts in SharePoint using STSADM

Below is the STSADM command to enable alerts in SharePoint.

stsadm -o setproperty -propertyname alerts-enabled -propertyvalue true-url http://rajsitecollection/sites/Attendance

Enable/Disable alerts in SharePoint using PowerShell

Below is the PowerShell script to enable/disable alerts in SharePoint 2013/2016/2019.

$webapp= Get-SPWebApplication "http://rajsitecollection"
# To disable alerts for SharePoint Web application
$webapp.AlertsEnabled = $false
# To enable alerts in SharePoint Web application
$webapp.AlertsEnabled = $true
Enable/Disable alerts in SharePoint using STSADM
Enable/Disable alerts in SharePoint using STSADM

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You may need to restart ” Windows SharePoint Services timer” or execute stsadm -o execadmsvcjobs once.

Hope this SharePoint tutorial helps to enable/disable Alert feature in SharePoint 2019/2016/2013.

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