Do you have any confusion on SharePoint Cumulative Update?

In this post, I like to discuss one of the major confusion faced by many SharePoint guys.

Patch Update:

Yes, you read it right Patch update or cumulative update. We have seen many times user or team who working on Patch Update of SharePoint Farm will be left confused.

Why the build number is not changed.

For Example:

Your SharePoint Farm Build number is 15.0.4911.1001 and you are now going to install a cumulative update of July 2018 and say it should change to 15.0.5401.1001.

Now, you install the CU on the farm and after installing. Also, doing all the tasks like running PSCONFIG.

You notice that number is not changed to 15.0.5401.1001 instead it is changed to 15.0.5311.1000

You are scratching our head now that where we went wrong. Why has the number not changed to the latest?

NOTE: This is just an example build number can be incorrect. For correct build number. Refer to Microsoft site

So, let me allow to clear some confusion and save some of your hair.

Not all SharePoint patches will update the build number information in manage servers in this farm in central administration.

Only those patches which include schema changes for the SharePoint Config Database update this information.

How to find the build number?

  • Go to Central Administration
  • Click on System Settings.
  • Under servers, manage servers in the farm.
  • Click on it and you will get your build number.

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I hope this will help you guys. Happy SharePointing!

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