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As you may already know SharePoint is a platform for effective collaboration, document sharing, project tracking and content management. The capabilities of SharePoint 2010 are huge and make SharePoint more than just a content management system (CMS). SharePoint is the perfect solution for Intranets, Internal Portals, knowledge sharing.

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But I would like to tell you about the social capabilities of SharePoint 2010. This platform enables users to work together in the way they want and be more creative and productive. SharePoint helps them to share ideas, find people and expertise, and locate business information.

Communities are an important part of a business flow. Any business environment is usually divided into departments, project teams and so on. And it is the task of SharePoint to help in organizing the effective working process of these small communities and bring them together. And I should say the SharePoint successfully copes with this task. It provides a number of tools and applications familiar to users which makes them free from using third-party applications. It integrates with Microsoft Office applications and with Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Lync, Microsoft Dynamics and SQL Server in addition to them.

SharePoint 2010 Community provides such features:

Users can create a blog site using the preconfigured template to share their knowledge, new information, announcements and so on.

Discussion Forums:
They can create a discussion list that contains discussion topics, add the new topics in this list or respond to the existing ones.

Photos and Presence:
Photos and status indicators near the users name help to initiate communication within one click directly from the SharePoint site.

Users get the ability to create wiki pages, add information, media files there and edit this info in a user friendly way with rich visual editing tools.

Ask me about:
The section is added to a user profile and helps to share the knowledge in areas of expertise of the users.

College Suggestions:
This is an automated service that suggests the appropriate colleagues based on communications, memberships, outlook emails and hierarchy in Active Directory.

Colleagues and Membership:
Users have the ability to add colleagues to social network create groups and specify the categories for them.

My Network:
This newsfeed is used to show updates from people you`re following. It additionally supports displaying third-party activities.

My Sites: User Profiles and Personal Sites:
Users get a great ability to create pages that contain information about the user, his/her bio, experience, job, interests etc. and search using it.

Note Board:

This section helps to communicate and interact with other users. It allows for broad communication.

Organization Browser:
Use rich interface that serves for easy navigation through the organization structure and makes communication even more simple and effective.

Users can apply 5-star rating system to pages, libraries, lists and documents and see the most relevant and useful information.

Social Bookmarks:
Additionally users have the ability to remember external and internal sites, manage them and share between other users.

These forms of metadata associated with particular content/users help to structuralize the content and simplify the search of necessary information.

So, as you can see the capabilities of SharePoint communities are numerous. Additionally, it is important not forget to say that with SharePoint 2010 customers have an opportunity to use secure, easy to manage, and scalable collaboration platform. People can work together more safely with its granular security and privacy controls, centralized policy setting, and detailed reporting and analysis.

SharePoint will certainly help you to get the unique collaborative experience for different business needs and increase the efficiency of your business greatly.

If you would like to start up with SharePoint and appreciate all it benefits would recommend choosing a reliable hosting company, which is critical to a successful SharePoint hosting experience, provides a high level of performance and security, and what is a more high level of support.

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