How to change list and library default experience in SharePoint online

This blog is related to change the list and library experience in SharePoint online. Microsoft has newly introduced the list view in modern experience. The modern experience is designed to be compelling, flexible, mobile, and easier to use. It is available in SharePoint Online in Office 365. Some modern experiences are available in SharePoint Server 2019.

If you are new to SharePoint modern experience, read SharePoint Online modern experience.

The following experiences are modern by default:

  • SharePoint home page in Office 365
  • Lists and libraries
  • New team site and communication site home pages
  • New pages
  • Site contents
  • Site usage
  • Recycle Bin

Existing team site home pages and other site pages like wiki and web part pages are classic experiences.

SharePoint Online change default experience for list and library

Here we will discuss the difference between lists and libraries classic experience and modern experience in SharePoint Online.

Microsoft has provided a option to change the list or library experience in list settings page.

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When you’re in your list, (Classic) Click the List Tab and then List Settings, (Modern) choose Settings and then choose List settings

sharepoint change default experience
sharepoint change default experience

Click Advanced settings

advance settings
sharepoint modern experience

Scroll down and go to List Experience

Change the default sharepoint list and library experience
Change the default sharepoint list and library experience

Next click on OK button to check the view of list.

List View in Classic experience

sharepoint switch to classic view
sharepoint switch to classic view

List View in New experience

Change the default sharepoint list and library experience
Change the default sharepoint list and library experience

Same settings we can also apply for Document libraries in the SharePoint

In the Document library, click on settings icon and then Library Settings.
Click Advanced settings and then scroll down to List experience.
Choose the experience type here.
This method will effect the changes to that particular library.

sharepoint online default list experience
sharepoint online default list experience

We can also find many difference between Classic and modern view in lists and libraries.

The important thing here, If we want to go list settings page in modern experience list then, we can find this option in right side of the ribbon.

sharepoint online modern experience
sharepoint online modern experience

The classic list and library experience is bit complex as all the list features are available in different location. However Modern page is definitely easier to use, and allows more advanced filtering and bulk editing .

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Hope this SharePoint Online tutorial explains how to switch to new experience in SharePoint Online list or document libraries.