How to use SharePoint Alert Me feature in list or library

This SharePoint tutorial explains, SharePoint Alert Me, how to configure the Alert Me settings in SharePoint 2013/2016 list or document library. This is almost the same for SharePoint Online Office 365 also. We will also see, how to fix, SharePoint alert me not visible issue.

SharePoint Alert Me in list or library

SharePoint Alert me is a very useful option where you can receive an email notification or text message notifications in your mobile if some changes happened in your SharePoint list or document library.

You can get alerts in changes like if someone added an item to list, or someone edited the item or if someone deleted an item, etc. You can set the alert for the whole list or document library as well as you can set it for the individual items also.

To use Alert users must have at least View Items permissions.

In SharePoint 2010 you can set the alert to the logged in user, But in SharePoint 2013 there is an option to send the alerts to multiple users through Send Alerts To section where you can add multiple users in a semicolon-separated.

Configure Alert Me in SharePoint List or Library

Now, we will see how to configure the Alert Me feature in the SharePoint list or library.

Open your SharePoint list and then From the Ribbon click on the Alert Me -> “Set alert on this list” button as shown in the fig below:

sharepoint alert me

Then it will open the New Alert dialog box where you can set up your alert details.

Enter a Title for the alert.

Then through Send Alerts To you can send alerts to multiple people by putting the username or email addresses in comma-separated.

In the Delivery, the method chooses how you want to receive the alerts by email or as a text message to your mobile.

Then you can select on which changes you want the alerts to be sent.

In the last, you can set when to send the alerts. You want to send the notification immediately, or on a specific time or daily or weekly, etc.

sharepoint online alert me

SharePoint alert me not visible

Sometimes, you will not see the Alert Me button in the SharePoint list or library button. We will see here, how to bring back the Alert Me button if that is not visible in Ribbon in SharePoint 2013 lists.

Alert Me is a very useful feature where you can receive Email or Mobile notifications if something changes in the list. But sometimes you do not see the Alert Me button in the Ribbon.

One of the reasons is if your outgoing mail settings are not configured in the server.

The solution is to configure the outgoing email settings which can be done by the Central Administration.

Open SharePoint 2013 Central Administration -> The System Settings and then click on “Configure outgoing e-mail settings” which is presented under E-mail and Text Messages.

sharepoint alert me not visible, sharepoint online alert me

Then in the Outgoing E-mail Settings page, give your Outbound SMTP server, From address, Reply-to address, etc. Then click on OK.

sharepoint 2013 alert me missing, sharepoint 2016 alert me missing

Then come to the list page, you will be able to see the Alert Me button in the Ribbon.

sharepoint alert me, sharepoint 2016 alert me not working

If the above solution did not work try to use the below STSADM or PowerShell command to enable the alerts for the SharePoint list or library.


stsadm -o setproperty -pn alerts-enabled -pv true -url http://YourServerURL


$webapp=Get-SPWebApplication "http://YourServerURL"
$webapp.AlertsEnabled = $true

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This tutorial, we learned the Alert Me feature in SharePoint, how to configure Alert Me in SharePoint list or library. Also, we checked how to enable Alerts in the SharePoint list or library using PowerShell or STSADM.

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