SharePoint 2013 server publishing feature introduction

In this post we will discuss about SharePoint 2013 server publishing feature. A question always comes like what will happen if I will activate publishing feature in my site collection. If you have a team site and you are trying to activate the publishing feature then you will be notice that some document libraries has been created recently (With new! icon will be there with them). If you have created your site collection by using Publishing template or enterprise wiki site collection template then by default all the publishing features will be available.

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Basically, there are two features need to be activated for publishing feature:
1- SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure (Site Collection Level)
2- SharePoint Server Publishing (Site Level)

The 1st feature will provide publishing functionality at the site collection level and the 2nd one will provide functionality at the site level.

Below are few changes happened when you activate the publishing feature in the site collection or the particular site.

Activate SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure feature (Site Collection Level):

– Once you activate SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure feature it will add the below site templates, so that user can use these templates to create sites also.
– Publishing Site
– Publishing Site with Workflow
– Enterprise Wiki

– Below are the groups added to the site collection.
Hierarchy Managers
Quick Deploy Users
Restricted Readers
Style Resource Readers

Also it will add below permission levels at the site collection level.
Manage Hierarchy
Restricted Read

– It will add below links under Site Administration at the site level as well as site collection level.
Content and structure
Content and structure logs

– Under Look and Feel section it adds Navigation, Master Page, Page Layouts and site templates, Welcome page links.

– Under Site Collection Administration it adds below links:
Site collection navigation
Variations Settings
Variation labels
Variation logs
Suggested Content Browser Locations
Site collection cache profiles
Site collection object cache
Site collection output cache

– New page layouts like article pages and a Wiki page will be added.

– Few items like stylesheet or images will be added to the Style Library.

– Few list and document libraries will be added into the site collection like:
Reusable Content
Site Collection Images
Content and Structure Reports
Site Assets
Site Collection Documents
Workflow Tasks

– Below web parts added to the site collection:
Content Query Web Part
Media Web Part
Summary Links Web Part
Table Of Contents Web Part

– Few editing features come to the page ribbon-like to add text, images, and rich media to a page. Also, option to approve a pending version of the publishing page.

– Master page will have to publish button will also come. So that user needs to publish a page if they modified something. There are also additional options added to the Page tab.

Please feel free to add anything if you feel it is required.

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