SharePoint 2013 Rich text editor formatting issue

If you are working with Rich Text Editor in SharePoint 2010 or 2013 to edit content in SharePoint site, then you may see one space issue. If you try to type a single line and then try to hit enter then it will add additional line spaces, sometime it may add 2 or 3 extra line spaces.
You may like to see:
We searched for the solution to this problem but did not get any solution, and according to this KB article, this is a known behavior of SharePoint. Because of Rich Text Editor formats paragraphs such as indenting and configuring the text alignment using inline styles which leads the issue.
SharePoint adds <p> </p> tags when you hit enter in the Rich Text Editor.
There is no proper solution to this problem and Microsoft is recommending to use “SHIFT+ENTER” instead of the only Enter.
But it is very difficult to explain to your clients because end users do not prefer to use SHIFT+ENTER. But if you are using any 3rd party Rich text editor the problem might not come.
Hope this will be helpful.
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