SharePoint 2013 In-List or Find Searches

In this article, we explore the SharePoint 2013 natively provide the ability to find content within the current list. Created a custom list called “Divisions” and you can see the search box here that allows me to find or search for a specific Division from within the list. This is preventing me from doing an actual “search” using the site search box and receiving all results related to one division from the entire search index.

SharePoint 2013 in list search
SharePoint 2013 in list search
SharePoint 2013 in list search box
SharePoint 2013 in a list search box

However, this functionality is not available in every list type. In fact, there are four list types that do not allow this natively. For your reference, here are all of the list types broken down by those that do and do not allow in-list finding /searching.

Allow in-list finding /searching
1.      Announcements List
2.      Calendar List (“All Events” view)
3.      Contacts List
4.      Content and Structure Reports List
5.      Custom List
6.      Document Library
7.      Forms Library
8.      Issue Tracking List
9.      Links List
10. Picture Library
11. Promoted Links List (“All Promoted Links” view)
12. Reusable Content List
13. Site Assets Library
14. Site Collection Documents Library
15. Site Collection Images Library
16. Site Pages Library
17. Style Library
18. Tasks List
19. Workflow Tasks List
Do not allow in-list finding /searching
1.      Discussion Board List
2.      MicroFeed List
3.      Survey List
4.      Wiki Pages Library

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Hope this SharePoint 2013 tutorial helps to find In-list or find searches in SharePoint 2013/2016.

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