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SharePoint 2013 farm server Architecture

SharePoint 2019 farm server Architecture

Here we will discuss SharePoint 2013 server farm architecture which is based on SharePoint on-premise environment.

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A SharePoint farm consists of one or more servers working together. As a whole, they gave functionality to the user. The servers can be web servers, application servers or database servers.

Web Servers:

These are the servers which respond to user requests and deliver web pages to the users. If multiple web servers then they will be load balanced.

Application Servers:

These are servers which usually hosts different service applications in SharePoint 2013. Some service applications like APP service, Access service, BCS, Excel calculation service, user profile, Managed Metadata Web Service, search service, visio service etc. If you have multiple servers then they will be load balanced.

Database Servers:

These servers contain all the data in SQL server. In terms of SharePoint, this server will have content databases, configuration databases, and all the service application related databases. You can have one server or can be in multiple servers.

In terms of Architecture, there can have three type of farms: Small Farm, Medium Farm, and Large Farm. Before deciding the number of servers required for your farm, we should have a look at the total number of users, average daily concurrent users, and a total number of requests per day.

Small Farm:

A small farm usually used in development or testing environments where it can have only one or maximum two servers. You have to install everything in one server if there is only one server. If you two servers you can separate your database server.
one server farm can server to less than 100 users.
Two servers small farm can serve up to 10,000 users

SharePoint 2013 farm server Architecture
SharePoint 2013 farm server Architecture

Medium Farm:

If you have a larger number of users then you can create a medium farm which will have 3 to 4 servers. If you have 3 servers then One can be used for a web server, one can be used as an application server and one can be used as a database server.

The can server users between 10,000 to 20,000 users.

If you have 4 servers, depending on your usage 2 can be a web server, one can be application server and one can be a database server. Or you can also build like one web server, two application server, and one database server.

SharePoint 2016 farm server Architecture
SharePoint 2016 farm server Architecture

Large Farm:

In a large farm, there can be 6 or more than 6 servers. You can use 2 servers as a web server, 2 as application server and 2 for a database server.

In an 8 server farm, you can use two servers as web servers, 2 dedicated servers for query processing components and index components and 2 as application servers for other application services and 2 can be used as database server.

You can also optimize your database server: you can put your content database in one server and other databases into another database server.

SharePoint 2019 farm server Architecture
SharePoint 2019 farm server Architecture

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