SharePoint 2013 Enable and Configure search alerts

This SharePoint 2013 search alerts tutorial explains, how we can enable and configure search alerts in SharePoint 2013/2016. Search alert an end user can receive e-mail notifications for a particular search query results are changed or updated.

Suppose you want to search something with the keyword as “SharePoint”. Then you can set an alert for the search query (SharePoint) and you will get notified by email if the specified search query results are changed or updated. These alerts are particular to the user only and the particular user can configure or modify the search alerts.

By default Search, alerts are enabled. But still, if you want to disable to enable the search alerts then follow below steps:

  • Open your SharePoint central administration. From the Application Management section, click on Manage service applications.
  • Then click the Search service application for which you want to configure search alerts. This will open the Search Administration page.
  • Go to the System Status section and find for Search alerts status.
  • Here you can choose Off or On to disable or enable search alerts.

Configure Search Alerts in SharePoint 2013/2016/Online

Follow below steps to configure Search Alerts in SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint Online:

Open your site and put the keyword in the search box and click on Enter. This will basically take you to the search result page.

In the search results page, go to the bottom of the page and click on Alert Me link as shown in the fig below:

SharePoint 2013 configure search alerts
SharePoint 2013 configure search alerts

This will open the New Alert page where you can configure the alert.

Give a name for the Alert.

It will populate the current user’s email id in the Delivery method.

This is the only option to get search alerts. In case of SharePoint list or library alert, we can have email as well as text message option to get alerts.

SharePoint online configure search alerts
SharePoint online configure search alerts

Office 365- Here if you have not any email id configured then it will display an error message We weren’t able to find an email address for you. Please contact your server administrator.

You can select the change type for which you want to receive alerts.

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In case of Search Alerts, you have the option to get the alert as a daily summary or weekly summary. We can not get the alerts immediately or at a specified time. This is the same for SharePoint 2013 on-premise as well as SharePoint online in office 365.

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