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SharePoint 2013 Add Recycle Bin link in quick launch

how to remove recycle bin from quick launch in sharepoint 2013

In this SharePoint 2013 tutorial, we will enhance the branding and customization of SharePoint master page by adding Recycle bin as part of left navigation across the site.

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Root Cause

In SharePoint 2013 we don’t see Recycle bin as part Left Navigation if the user wants to see the deleted item, he/she need to perform below steps:

  1. Click  Site setting gear icon
  2. Select Site content
  3. Click on Recycle bin in site content page

This process involves 4 mouse click and it is a tedious process if the portal is a dedicated content management portal.

Solution: Changing default master page / Add a custom master page

Follow the below steps to add Recycle bin in SharePoint 2013 left navigation:

  1. Open the SharePoint site in SharePoint designer 2013

    recycle bin in sharepoint 2013
    recycle bin in sharepoint 2013
  2.  Navigate to Master page part of All Files -> _catalogs
  3. Identify your custom master page and check out  in advanced mode

    how to enable recycle bin in sharepoint 2013
    how to enable recycle bin in sharepoint 2013
  4. look for <asp:ContentPlaceHolder id=”PlaceHolderQuickLaunchBottom” runat=”server”>
  5. Copy the below code and paste right above that div tag

    Add recycle bin in sharepoint 2013
    Add recycle bin in sharepoint 2013

<SharePoint:SPSecurityTrimmedControl PermissionsString=”ManageWeb” runat=”server”>
<style type=”text/css”>
<script type=”text/javascript”>
document.getElementsByClassName(‘root ms-core-listMenu-root static’)[1].innerHTML += ‘<li class=”static recDivTopMargin”><a class=”static menu-item ms-core-listMenu-item ms-displayInline ms-navedit-linkNode” href=”/_layouts/15/RecycleBin.aspx”><span class=”additional-background ms-navedit-flyoutArrow”><span class=”menu-item-text”>Recycle Bin Data</span></span></a></li>’;

Out put will be as follows:

Before adding the code block

where is the recycle bin in sharepoint
where is the recycle bin in sharepoint

After Adding code block

how to remove recycle bin from quick launch in sharepoint 2013
how to remove recycle bin from quick launch in sharepoint 2013

Code walk through

In the above code block we are identifying the element “root ms-core-listMenu-root static” and then we are adding a new element to redirect the user on to Recycle bin data page.


  1. This reduces the no.of click to user
  2. By adding this code block in a master page a user can navigate easily on to recycle bin data page
  3. A master page can be maintained by any developer

Hope this helps, happy branding & Development in SharePoint 2013 !!!

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