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SharePoint 2010 to 2013 migration Custom New Folder in Ribbon Disabled

This SharePoint migration tutorial we will discuss how to solve Custom New Folder in ribbon disabled issue in SharePoint 2013. We had a huge migration about 100 site collections from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013 in an on-premises server. We were following database migration and code migration as well.

The code was upgraded using visual studio 2012 and packaged the WSP files respectively. And we then deployed all the wsp to SharePoint 2013 environment successfully. Now let me discuss the issue which we found an issue fixing details.

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We had custom ribbon control as “New Project Folder” in document libraries and that was disabled. All business users were using a custom document library template to create multiple libraries and the custom ribbon was attached to those libraries.

IF we create new document library using the template, New Project Folder option enabled but for existing migrated libraries it was disabled.

After spending some time, there was another twist found in the issue. The New Project Folder option was enabled in few libraries but not in all which created lots of confusion.

We also deployed the 2010 wsp files to make sure if there is any dependency but it didn’t help ended with the same issue.

Finally thought of using Fiddler tool to find out more details of the issue and noticed it’s looking for some folder from 12 hive which is not available.

Using SharePoint Designer opened both the document libraries and found the difference. The folder was missing in the migrated site.

I extracted all WSP files to find out the same folder but could not able to get the folder.

Finally thought of finding all WSP from TFS and got some WSP which was developed in SharePoint 2007.

I deployed the WSP to SharePoint 2013 server and the folder was enabled.

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I hope this will be helpful whoever is facing the same issue.

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