SharePoint 2010 Search

Search capability has become one of the most important nowadays. Is makes people free form browsing through lists and libraries and other locations in order to find the necessary information. Search helps to increase productivity and focus on the career goals. So, as a result it became an essential requirement for companies when choosing their business and collaboration infrastructure. Well, I can say that SharePoint 2010 meets all their search requirements. With it users don`t need to purchase special products or enter different applications.

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Within SharePoint Search capabilities customers can appreciate all the benefits of search functionalities and the ability to get relevant results within a few seconds. SharePoint Enterprise search and FAST Search Server 2010 provide a significant search experience for users. SharePoint Search can crawl the huge amount of data and may be customized to have the highest level of performance. It also empowers users to assign Best Bets in order to get the most relevant information, use thumbnails and previews for easy recognition, search using social tags and metadata like author, title, date and so on.

People and expertise search enables to find easily the necessary information workers and experts, also using their nicknames or phonetic search. It became possible to find quickly recently authored information and sort results. The search refinement also has been improved. Users can build Multiple Relevance Profiles and tune relevance by Document or Site Promotions. To continue, customers can get similar results, use query suggestions and related queries, create search scopes and appreciate the mobile search experience. This and even more now became available within SharePoint 2010.

What also can be added, FAST Search Server 2010 enables users to create Search-Powered Applications and customize search for language unique for company`s business and also personalize it according to the working area and the permission level of the user.

As you can see, the abilities of SharePoint Search are really great. But keep in mind that they require a Standard of Enterprise CAL. To start up with SharePoint 2010 and get all its rich functionalities you need to sign up an appropriate subscription plan or purchase SharePoint 2010 dedicated server from a reliable hosting company, which is critical to SharePoint hosting experience and has a high level of performance, security and support. The best way to test it – is to sign up for 30 days free trial. I can say that PlexHosted may be a good example of such company.

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