SharePoint 2010 out of box workflow templates

This SharePoint workflow tutorial explains, SharePoint 2010 out of box workflow templates. The workflow templates are available after you installed SharePoint 2010.

Below is the out of box workflow templates in SharePoint 2010.

SharePoint List workflow templates

Approval workflow:
This type of workflow provides an approval mechanism for documents in SharePoint 2010.

Collect Feedback:
Workflows created from collect feedback template route documents for review. Reviewers can provide feedback, which is compiled and sent to the document owner when the workflow instance is complete. Read SharePoint workflow examples: Collect Feedback Workflow

Collect Signatures:
This template provides a mechanism for collecting digital signatures needed to complete a Microsoft Office document.

Disposition Approval:
This template provides an expiration and retention mechanism that allows you to decide whether to retain or delete expired documents. This workflow can be started only by using the browser.

Group Approval:
This workflow is similar to the Approval workflow but is available in East Asian versions of the SharePoint server.

Translation Management:
This workflow template provides a mechanism for document translation by creating copies of the documents to be translated and assigning tasks to translators. This workflow is available only when you create a Translation Management library.

Use this workflow to help facilitate the manual process of translating office documents from one language to another. This workflow works with two list types: a Translation Management Library and a translators list. A document that needs to be translated is uploaded into the Translation Management Library, and translators in the translator’s list receive tasks to start translating the source document into their respective languages. When all the translation tasks are completed, the Translation Management workflow is completed.

Publishing Approval:
Publishing approval workflow in SharePoint 2010, routes a page for approval.

SharePoint Site workflow templates

Schedule Web Analytics Alerts:
This workflow sends e-mail messages to alert recipients about specific analytics data changes.

Schedule Web Analytics Reports:
This workflow schedules selected reports to be sent via e-mail to reviewers. You can specify reviewers, the frequency of the reports, and additional information.

SharePoint workflow enabled objects

Now, we will see SharePoint workflow enabled objects in SharePoint 2010/2013. There are different SharePoint objects that workflows can execute on.

List Items:

  • Workflows can run in SharePoint list items. You can directly attach the workflow to announcement list, task lists and issues lists etc.
  • We can directly attach a workflow by the Workflows menu from the ECB menu.

InfoPath forms:

  • We can attach a workflow to an InfoPath form. You can see some Infopath tutorials here.

Content types:

  • Content type is an important concept of SharePoint. We can attach workflows to content types.
  • We can also attach one or more workflows into a content type. When a workflow is deployed into a content type, new instances of that workflow can be initiated wherever list items of that content type exist.

SharePoint sites:

  • Now we can bind a workflow to a SharePoint site, which is then called a site workflow.
  • A workflow deployed onto a site can run actions on and react to events across all lists, document libraries, and items in that site.
  • A workflow that would be well suited for running at the site level could check each document within that site and ensure that all the documents have been routed for approval and that none have been declined.
  • Workflows can execute across an entire SharePoint site and are initiated from within View Site Content.

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I hope this SharePoint 2010 workflow tutorial explains various SharePoint 2010 out of box workflow templates.