SharePoint 2010 Hierarchy and its Features Scope

In this article we will discuss SharePoint 2010 Hierarchy and its Features Scope.  Before understanding the scope of features let us go through the SharePoint 2010 hierarchy. Refer the image below to get a clear understanding of the SharePoint hierarchy.
SharePoint 2010 Hierarchy and its Features Scope
SharePoint 2010 Hierarchy and its Features Scope
Server Farm:
SharePoint server farm can be small, medium or large based on the various factors like organizations infrastructure,  number of web applications, number of users accessing it, etc. The smallest server farm consists of a database server running on Microsoft SQL Server, one or more servers running IIS and office SharePoint server. Learn more about web server and application server roles on this link. As the size of server farm grows you can cluster the farm with 2 or more database servers, more web front-end servers.
Web Application:
SharePoint web application is similar to that of the IIS web site. When a web application is created using the “Create or Extend Web Application” link in “Application Management” it creates a content database for the site collection, creates an IIS website and the virtual directories like “control templates. _layouts, _vti_bin, etc” mapped to the 12 hive SharePoint structure. You can have multiple content database in a single web application.
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