How to create flyout menu in sharepoint 2010

This SharePoint tutorial all about SharePoint 2010 flyout menu. Here I will show you how to create a flyout menu in SharePoint 2010.

Any SharePoint portal you build, you need to have a very good attractive and user-friendly navigation menu, so that users can navigate to different pages or to different sites easily.

Create a flyout menu in SharePoint 2010

Here we will discuss how to make a flyout menu in SharePoint 2010. In the same way, we can create a flyout menu in SharePoint 2013/2016 also.

The flyout menu looks like below:

sharepoint flyout menu 2010
SharePoint flyout menu 2010

If you want a Flyout Menu in SharePoint 2010 like the above picture, then there are some steps you need to follow and some modifications needed in the master pages. Here if you create a subsite for a site then it will come below to the site in the Menu.

You can open the SharePoint site master page using SharePoint designer 2010.

So if your site is using V4.master, then open the V4.master from C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\TEMPLATE\GLOBAL directory.

Please change if you have done anything except the default installation of SharePoint 2010.

Then take a backup of this master page and then try to do the modifications below.

Search for MaximumDynamicDisplayLevels, it comes in the menu and changes its value from 1 to suppose 4.

So your modified code should look like below:

<SharePoint:AspMenu ID="TopNavigationMenuV4" runat="server" EnableViewState="false"
DataSourceID="topSiteMap" AccessKey="<%$Resources:wss,navigation_accesskey%>"
UseSimpleRendering="true" UseSeparateCSS="false" Orientation="Horizontal" StaticDisplayLevels="2"
MaximumDynamicDisplayLevels="4" SkipLinkText="" CssClass="s4-tn" />

Then search for ShowStartingNode and it usually comes in SiteMapDataSource.

There we need to modify a couple of changes.

First make ShowStartingNode=”True” and change the SiteMapProvider like this SiteMapProvider=”SPSiteMapProvider”
and then remove the line StartingNodeUrl=”sid:1002″

So your final tag should look like below:

<asp:SiteMapDataSource ShowStartingNode="True" SiteMapProvider="SPSiteMapProvider"
ID="topSiteMap" runat="server" />

That’s all. All modification are finished. Do an IISRESET and then check. Now your flyout menu will appear as show in the above figure in the SharePoint 2010 site.

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I hope this article will be helpful to know about SharePoint 2010 flyout menu, how to create a flyout menu in SharePoint 2010.

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