Set different permissions on SharePoint 2013 list views

This SharePoint tutorial explains, how to set different permissions on SharePoint 2013 list views. The same way, we can set different permissions on list views in SharePoint 2013/2016.

Recently I got a requirement where we need Users should able to add an item to the list but they should only view or modify their own item. But few people should be able to see all the items and should be able to modify or delete also.

There is no direct way to do this meaning no direct out of box way to achieve this.

Set different permissions on SharePoint 2013 list views

First, create the list, the list will inherit the permission from the parent site. You can break the inheritance and give all users contribute to access and give full access to them who can have the permission to see all the items. You can check this article for giving unique permission to the SharePoint list. In my cases, I have added my username and giving contribute access as well as add a few other users also.

Here we will create one Web part page. You can follow this article to know how to create a web part page in SharePoint 2013. Here give full permissions to the persons or group you want to have full access. I have added my self and given full access to the page. From the PAGE tab click on Permissions to give permissions to the page.

Then add a web part, then from the Web Part categories, Select Apps and then Choose the List App that we have created. My case “MyPermissionTestList”.

Now come back to the List and Modify the All Items view. Go to the filter criteria and add filter criteria so that you can only able to see items created by you. After you can only able to see the items created by you. You will not be able to see items created by others.

Now if I will open the list All Items view (default), then I will be able to see items created by me like below. Here I have created only one item.

But if I open the web part page, where I have given full control to me, then I can able to see 2 items. One item added by me and other item added by another user.

So suppose you have a SharePoint group and you want the users presented inside the SharePoint group should able to see all the items, then you should add the group to the web part page and give then Full Control access.

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