How to show RSS feed in PowerApps

In this Power Apps SharePoint tutorial, we will discuss how to show RSS feed in PowerApps.

Microsoft provides RSSFeed connector to fetch RSS feed in PowerApps.

Show RSS feed in PowerApps

First, we will create a canvas app from the site.

If you are new to PowerApps Canvas App, check out the below URLs:

Here create an app and you may choose Phone layout or Tablet layout.

rss feed in powerapps
rss feed in powerapps

Then add one controls in your screen: DataTable1 from Power Apps input controls.

The PowerApps screen looks like below:

Office 365 Outlook Connector power apps
show RSS feed in PowerApps

Next, go to the dataSource and search RSSFeed and double click on it to add in dataTable.

show RSS feed in Power Apps
show RSS feed in Power Apps

Next go to the Items property in the dataTable and set the property like:

"RSS.ListFeedItems ("")"

Once connection gets success, it will by default create a Title column in the dataTable and bind all feeds in the table.

image 63

If you want to add more columns in the table, then click on Add Field in the right side of the windows and check the field name which you want.

How to show RSS feed in PowerApps

Below is the list of property that is available in the RSSFeed. You can add or remove it, as per your requirement.


idstringFeed IDFeed ID
titlestringFeed titleFeed title
primaryLinkstringPrimary feed linkPrimary feed link
linksarray of (string)Feed linksFeed links
updatedOnstringFeed updated onFeed updated on
publishDatestringFeed published onFeed published date
summarystringFeed summaryFeed item summary
copyrightstringFeed copyright informationCopyright information
categoriesarray of (string)Feed categoriesFeed item categories

Once you have done your changes, just click on the run button to see the output. Below is my output for RSSFeed.

fetch rss feed in powerapps


  • List all RSS feed items: RSS.ListFeedItems (string feedUrl)
  • When a feed item is published: RSS.OnNewFeed (string feedUrl)

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In this tutorial, we learned how to fetch rss feed in PowerApps and also we will discuss how to show RSS feed in PowerApps.

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