Ribbon control missing for list in SharePoint Online

This SharePoint Online tutorial, we will discuss how to enable ribbon control for the list in SharePoint Online office 365 site.

SharePoint online list ribbon missing

Unlike in SharePoint on-premise, SharePoint online has a different behavior (modern SharePoint experience) as soon as you create the list, it will show it as below.

sharepoint list view ribbon missing

Follow the below steps to enable ribbon control / make it a classic SharePoint view.

Click on list setting as part of site settings gear icon.

sharepoint online list ribbon missing

Click on “Advanced Setting” as part of list settings.

sharepoint list ribbon not showing

Look for “List Experience” option as part of advanced settings.

Select “Classic experience” and click on OK.

sharepoint list view ribbon missing

As soon as you change the settings, you will the ribbon control for the list. In fact, you will get the same experience as SharePoint on-premise.

sharepoint online ribbon missing

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