Remove DIV tag from Multiline text field using ECMA

Remove DIV tag from Multiline test field using ECMA

In my project I need to show the address in a text area from multiline text field while user want to edit the address. But while I was reading the description I see HTML tags in the text as show below. I have implemented this code in ECMA scripting.
Remove DIV tag from Multiline test field using ECMA
Remove DIV tag from Multiline test field using ECMA
Code issue:
I was trying to get the car description as a normal since line of text field. So it is getting all the HTML tags also in it.
Var aboutcar = objListItem.get_item(‘AboutCar’);
Note: The code block was implemented in ECMA scripting.

I should remove the div tags from the text with any of below procedures:
-> Apply Regular expression
-> Use jQuery
-> Creating a temporary DOM element
Let us walk through one by one.
Apply Regular expression:
As we know regular expressions help us to replace or remove the test from a string. The below syntax helps us to remove div tag from description.
Var aboutcar = objListItem.get_item(‘AboutCar’).replace(/[^>]+>/g,’’);
In the above code will remove all the HTML tags recursively as I used /g.
Use jQuery:
If you are using jQuery you can use the below code snipped.
Var aboutcar = objListItem.get_item(‘AboutCar’);
Var abtCarVal = $(“<div>”).html(aboutcar).text();
Creating a temporary DOM element:
This approach involves creating a temporary DOM element with the type DIV. The below code sample explains how we can achieve the HTML tag free text from Multiline Text fields.
Function fnRemoveDIVTag(strDescription)
// Create a new div element
 var tmpDivElmnt = document.createElement(“div”);
 // Set the HTML content with the providen
 tmpDivElmnt.innerHTML = strDescription;
// Retrieve the text property of the element (cross-browser support)
return tmpDivElmnt.textContent || tmpDivElmnt.innerText || “”;
The output for all the approaches will be:
Remove DIV tag from Multiline test field using ECMA Tutorial
Remove DIV tag from Multiline test field using ECMA Tutorial

Hope this helps happy development in ECMA scripting !!!

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