Rating Column in a SharePoint List or Library

This article explains the Rating column in a SharePoint list or library. How to enable rating in the SharePoint list or library?

Enable Rating in SharePoint List or Library

It’s very straight forward to enable rating in SharePoint lists and libraries. If you wish to utilize Ratings on a SharePoint list or library, you might think that you can do so by simply adding the “Rating (0-5)” site column to your existing list, library or content type.

In fact, SharePoint will allow you to do that, however, doing so may or may not provide the intended results. As you may already know, the proper way to enable ratings is from the list’s settings page.

Once created, open the list select “List Tools” Tab -> List Tab -> List Settings

Under General Settings click on the “Ratings settings” link.

sharepoint list rating settings

Under the Rating Settings section select “Yes” for “Allow items in this list to be rated?”

sharepoint online list rating settings missing

Now a new field “Rating (0-5)” is added to the list. But the actual field name is “AverageRating”.

Add some items in the list.

star rating in sharepoint list

When hovering the mouse over the Rating field it’ll show a message to add a rating. You can select the rating as relevant.

Knowing that the Rating feature relies on the User Profile Service, I checked in Central Admin under “Manage Services on Server” and verified that this service was running. I found an article that mentioned a specific timer job called “User ProfileService Application – Social Rating Synchronization Job” that is required for ratings to work.

So I checked my Timer Job Definitions and could not find this Timer job. While this timer job is not specifically necessary for the rating stars to turn yellow, I took this as a hint that something was not quite right with the rating feature.

sharepoint online list rating

This job executes every hour by default. If required it can be executed manually by “Central Administration -> Monitoring -> Timer Jobs -> Review Job Definitions -> User Profile Service Application – Social Rating Synchronization Job -> Run Now” or change the “Recurring Schedule” as required.

sharepoint list item rating

Once the Synchronization job has executed then users can see the average ratings (Blue Stars).

Before Synchronization Job execution:

sharepoint list rating column

After Synchronization Job execution:

sharepoint online list rating column

Hover the mouse over the blue star ratings to know you’re rating (only if you have already given a rating).

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