Query to get records between two dates in sql server 2008

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In this post we will discuss how we can retrieve records between two dates in sql server 2008. Also check out my previous posts on:
Retrieve a record from last 7 days:
Suppose you have an employee table and JoiningDate is a column and you want to retrieve who are the employees joined in last 7 days, then you can query like below:
select * from Employees WHERE JoiningDate BETWEEN GetDate()-7 AND GetDate()
Retrieve record between particular dates:
Below is the query to retrieve records between particular dates.
BETWEEN CONVERT(VARCHAR,’30-08-2013′,105) AND CONVERT(VARCHAR,’05-09-2013′,105)
Retrieve record for particular month and year:
Below is the query that will retrieve records for particular month and year.
The below query will retrieve record for the month of july and year of 2013:
SELECT * FROM Employees
   WHERE MONTH(JoiningDate) = 7 AND YEAR(JoiningDate) = 2013
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