Office 365 Import Tool Perfect Option for PST to Office 365 Migration

Here we will discuss a tool for PST to Office 365 migration using the Office 365 Import tool and some features of PST to Office 365 Migration Tool. And step by step how we can use Office 365 Import Tool to import PST to Office 365.

Office 365 Import Tool Perfect Option for PST to Office 365 Migration
Office 365 Import Tool Perfect Option for PST to Office 365 Migration

All we know, Office 365 is a leading business collaboration online suite developed by Microsoft. Also, its tremendous popularity increased exponentially in recent times. Because it is not just a web version of the on-premises Microsoft Office application, but it is an improved form of it. It provides real-time communication, Outlook 365, Exchange Online, and much more.

Because of the presence of significant features of O365 over the desktop-based Outlook. Many organizations or home users migrating to Microsoft Office 365 environment. However, the most common problem that arises while switching the platform is how to export already existing data to another application.

For this, we tried manual solutions that seriously take lots of time to perform PST to Office 365 migration task. Also, the data items failure status is higher in a manual workaround. So, we jump to an automatic solution like Office 365 Import software. We have already analyzed this tool and the results were outstanding. So, let’s begin this review to explore more about this software in a detailed manner.

A Trustworthy & Reliable Microsoft Office 365 Import PST Software

In a case when you are not regular Outlook users, and just purchased a subscription plan of Office 365. And, only move approximately 50-60 emails & 10-20 contacts in an online suite, then you can go with the manual solution.

But think when there is an organization who have 100+ employees and Outlook data in Terabyte, then a manual workaround does not work here. A powerful and smart solution i.e., Office 365 Mailbox migration Tool is required to migrate those bulk amounts of Outlook data in the Microsoft O365 account.

MS Office 365 Migration Tool is definitely the smartest way to migrate Outlook data file (.pst) in Office 365 mailbox in minimum time utilization. The user-friendly framework of utility lets users move PST file by maintaining the original folder structure intact. Apart from this, the plus point of this utility is the Incremental Import feature. The software is developed for the full range of Windows Operating system, including Windows 10, 8, 8.1, or below versions.

Salient Features of PST to Office 365 Migration Tool

This Office 365 Import service is well-versed with highly advanced features, all of which are listed below;

Migrate PST to Office 365 Via Admin Account

This software provides the facility to import Outlook data file to Office 365 through admin as well as a user account. The user only needs to install the tool and log in with an O365 credential. Thereafter, the utility will validate the account authentication and proceed to further procedures.

2+ Options to Move Outlook Data File to O365

Office 365 PST Migration Tool is a robust data migration application that offers multiple ways to upload PST file on a software pane. The options are as follows;

  • Add File (s): Its function is to transfer a single Outlook data file at one time.
  • Add Folder: It is used to add a folder that contains two or more PST files.
  • Add CSV: This option is used to upload a .csv file that includes information about PST files.

Import Selected Data to Office 365 Mailbox

The most impressive feature of the software is ‘Filters’. It provides the facility to migrate only desired data from Outlook PST to Office 365 account. The Office 365 Import tool offers two following filters;

  • Categories-Based: Its function is to allow users to select any mailbox folder and migrate data items of those folders only.
  • Date-Wise: Its function is to take a specified date range from the user. After that, software only moves those mailbox items that are received or sent during the mentioned timeline.

Support ‘Incremental Import’ Approach

The Office 365 migration tool offers an incremental import feature for a smooth export process. In a situation, when a user performing migration operations by using the software.

Suddenly, some disaster occurs and the process gets stopped. In such a case, users can choose this feature. With the help of this, whenever you will perform the next export task, then it will only import the data items that are still not migrated.

Preserve PST Folder Structure

This Office 365 Mailbox migration tool maintains the Outlook data file folder hierarchy structure throughout the process. No single file structure altered during Outlook to Office 365 migration.

Users will always get the original folder hierarchy in Office 365 account. To do this, one can need to select the option Attach Outlook PST file. It will generate a folder in O365 and move the PST mailboxes data in it.

Facility to Remove Deleted/Sent Items

If a user wants to eliminate Deleted or Sent Items folder during PST to Office 365 Migration, then it can be easily done by the software. For this, one can need to select the option Exclude Deleted Items and Exclude Sent Items options. After that, all of the mailbox folders will move into O365 except these two folders.

Simple Working of Office 365 Import Tool

Launch Microsoft Office 365 Mailbox Import software on Windows Operating system.

Office 365 PST migration tool
Office 365 PST migration tool

Select Is Office 365 Admin checkbox to login as Admin. After that, upload the PST files that are going to be migrated.

Upload multiple PST files to Office 365
Upload multiple PST files to Office 365

As per convenience, select the filters and transfer desired PST file data to Office 365 mailbox. Then, click on the Import button to begin the actual process.

Migrate emails from Outlook 2013 & 2016 to Office 365 Webmail
Migrate emails from Outlook 2013 & 2016 to Office 365 Webmail

Complete real-time status of PST to Office 365 migration is shown on the software interface.

Office 365 PST Import Tool
Office 365 PST Import Tool

To know more about its working, please visit here:

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The Observational Verdict

Today, it is very common that many people are switching from Desktop-based Outlook to Office 365 cloud. So, it is highly recommended to use Office 365 Import tool in order to migrate PST files into Office 365 without Outlook and any errors. With this tool, you can perform selective PST.