Promote people picker in InfoPath form library in SharePoint 2013

This SharePoint InfoPath 2013 tutorial explains how we can promote people picker field in InfoPath form library in SharePoint 2013/2016 or SharePoint Online.

Are you dealing with promoting people picker field to SharePoint form library from Infopath? Well, the article will explain to you a workaround, not a solution.

Well, my requirement is to display all the items I have created and also it should show me all the items where I am the Leader. For the Leader field, we are displaying the display name in a people picker control in the InfoPath 2013 form.

Now when I am trying to promote this people picker column, but it is not allowing me to promote.

To show the items according to the above condition, I need to create a view and in that SharePoint view, I need to give the Filter condition as Display all item which satisfies the below condition:

Created by is equal to [Me] OR Leader is equal to [Me].

Here the Created By and Leader both the columns should be people picker else it will not allow you to put the filter condition. And if I am not promoting the Leader column (which SharePoint not allowing) then the field will not be available in the columns list in the filter condition.

The approach I have followed here is I have added a single line textbox and assigning the leader display name to it in the InfoPath form. And then I am promoting the field so that the field will be available for further use.

Then I added a people picker field in my SharePoint through a browser, not in the InfoPath form and this field will be available in the columns list where ever I want to use.

Now here the idea is to update this people picker display name with the leader name we have in the single line of a text field.

Now I have created a SharePoint list workflow for that list and added an update item action for this and assign the value of InfoPath leader field to my Sharepoint people picker field. And set the workflow to fire while adding an item and updating item.

So now whenever a user add one item to the list (where the single line textbox contains the leader name) through our workflow the people picker (which we have added through a browser) will be updated with this leader name.

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And then you can create your filter by using the people picker.
I know this might not be a proper solution, but this workaround works in my case.

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