PowerApps keyboard shortcuts

In this article we will discuss about keyboard shortcuts in PowerApps. To make the application more user friendly, Microsoft provided many keyboard shortcuts which you can use easily to handle the page or control. So let us explore more on PowerApps keyboard shortcuts.

PowerApps keyboard shortcuts

However some buttons eg: save as completed on activities do not have keyboard shortcuts.

PowerApps keyboard shortcuts
PowerApps keyboard shortcuts


Below are a few keyboard shortcut keys for files.

  • Ctrl+S -> Save the PowerApps ( By default PowerApps will save your apps within 2 minutes but if you want to immediate save then you can use this shortcut key to save your app).
  • F12 -> Download the PowerApps File.
  • Ctrl+Shift+S -> Save the app with a different name. This will take you to save as screen.
  • Ctrl+O -> Open a file. This will take you to open recent file screen.


  • Alt+I -> You can redirect to insert tab in top menu


  • Ctrl+A -> You can Select all objects at once.
  • Ctrl+X ->You can Cut the objects from once place to other.
  • Ctrl+C -> You can Copy the objects from once place to other.
  • Ctrl+0 -> Fit canvas to page.
  • Ctrl+Shift+ -> Zoom in.
  • Ctrl+Shift+ -> Zoom out
  • Ctrl+V -> Paste the copied object in the place .
  • Ctrl+M -> Add a screen.
  • Shift+Enter -> Break a line in a formula in formula section ( This is mostly required )


  • Ctrl+Click or Shift+Click -> Select multiple objects at once.

Tree view

  • F2 -> Rename a control.
  • Esc ->Cancel renaming a control.
  • Ctrl+G -> Group/ungroup controls.


  • F5 -> Open Preview mode.
  • Esc -> Close Preview mode, a dialog box, or a flyout pane.

Text format

  • Ctrl+B -> It will bold the text.
  • Ctrl+U -> Add or remove underline.
  • Ctrl+I -> Turn italic on or off.


  • Shift+Left -> It will decrease the width.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Left -> It will decrease the width slightly.
  • Shift+Down -> It will decrease the height.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Down -> I t will decrease the height slightly.
  • Shift+Right -> It will increase the width.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Right -> It will increase width slightly.
  • Shift+Up -> It will Increase the height.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Up -> It will Increase height slightly.

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These are a few few PowerApps keyboard shortcuts.