PowerApps Examples: Restaurant management system

In this Power Apps tutorial, we will discuss PowerApps examples on how to create a small restaurant management system in Power Apps.

PowerApps examples (Restaurant management system)

First, we will create a canvas app from the PowerApps.com site.

If you are new to PowerApps Canvas App, check out the below URLs:

Here create an app and you may choose Phone layout or Tablet layout.

powerapps examples
Power Apps home screen

Next, create a three duplicate screen in your App as below screenshot.

Before that upload your all images in the gallery. This is my home page. So you have to set the property for image control like Image Property set as Fit.

Because it will fit your screen. You can see the details in my next step.

Restaurant management system

Here you can see, I have set the two properties of image control like Image Position and Display Mode.

Image Position: It will cover to your screen and it will looks good.

Display Mode: As there is no modification and add in this control so we can set display mode as View.

power apps examples

Next, I have added a label and set the properties as below snapshot. Please follow the same steps.

powerapps examples sharepoint

Next add the below images in button and go to the OnSelect property and set the Navigate to other screen which you have created earlier.

powerapps examples download

After your all changes, it will looks like below image.

powerapps design examples

Next, go to the other screen design the same as below. Drag and drop your related images and add the labels on the button.

powerapps ideas

And add a Home icon to again redirect to the Home page. So go to the onSelect property on Home icon and set the property as below. Do the same for other screens as well.

free powerapps templates

So after all changes, My screen 1 will looks like as below.

sharepoint powerapps example

Here is my 2nd screen where I have followed the same step which I did for screen 1.

power apps examples

This is my 3rd screen which is the same as screen 1. Please follow the same steps.

Power apps Restaurant management system

So here is my final result you can see. When you run, it will open the Home page and you can redirect to other screen to see the menu details.

Restaurant management system power apps
Power apps examples

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