Page.IsPostBack Property in Asp.Net

Here we will discuss the Page.IsPostBack Property in Asp.Net.
– Gets a value that indicates whether the page is being rendered for the first time or is being loaded in response to a postback.
– The IsPostBack property can be used to determine if the page is submitted to itself. When a form is submitted back to the same page that contains it, it’s called a post back. ASP.NET provides a property called IsPostBack that is TRUE when the page is being loaded as a result of a post back, and is FALSE otherwise.
– Below is the way to use IsPostBack property
C#.Net Syntax:
private void Page_Load()
    if (!IsPostBack)
        //You can write here the code, which you want to execute in the first time when the page is  loaded.
VB.Net Syntax:
Sub Page_Load
         IF Not IsPostBack THEN
                    ‘ You can write here the code, which you want to execute in the first time when the  page is loaded.
          END IF
End Sub

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