Overview of Microsoft Teams

This tutorial explains an overview of Microsoft teams, how to download Microsoft teams. And how to create a Team and Channel in Microsoft Teams.

Overview of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a tool where we can collaborate with each other, sharing files, schedule a meeting, communicate with the user, etc.

Microsoft provided both Online and Desktop versions to use in our organization.

Now many organization they preferred Microsoft team as a chat-based tool to communicate with each other.

This is very secure and user friendly where we can do one to one chat and group chat and group meeting etc.

Microsoft Teams

The main important feature is to create a team and create a separate channel .

How to create a Team and Channel in Microsoft Teams

Login to your SharePoint Online -> Go to Admin Center -> Click on Teams -> Next it will appear a new screen where you can able to create a Team.

create a Team in Microsoft Teams

Once you click on Create Teams, it will ask to create it from scratch or create it from an existing group.

create a Channel in Microsoft Teams

Here I have selected Build a team from Scratch, once you click on this, it will appear a new page where you have to set what kind of team you want.

How to create a Team in Microsoft Teams

Here I selected Public. So next it will ask you to provide the name of your team.

What is microsoft teams

Next click on the finish button to create your new Teams. It will take a few 40 seconds to create and again it will ask you to Add members in your team.

Microsoft teams

In the above screen, if you can see, I have added one external user in the end. So you have provided external user Email id if you want to add. Once you click on Add, again it will ask you to set the permission.

Add members to Microsoft Teams

Now My team successfully created and there is a default channel called General. This is the default channel that will come in each team. So you have to create a new one as per your requirement. So here I have created two new channels.

Add members to Microsoft Teams

Managing the Channel

You can also managing the channel easily but admin can only do it.

manage channel in Microsoft teams
Microsoft Teams manage channel

File Sharing

You can also sharing your file to other team member easily.

File sharing in Microsoft teams

Chat and calling

You can also chat with other team member and direct call them easily.

Download Microsoft Teams

Download Microsoft Teams

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In this tutorial, we learned what is Microsoft teams, how to create a team and channel in Microsoft Teams. And how to download Microsoft Teams.

You will get more details on this video. Please watch.