Create OneNote Document Library in SharePoint 2013 Online

This SharePoint tutorial, we will check, how to create a OneNote document library in SharePoint 2013 Online. One of the key advantages of SharePoint is to organize documents and keep them in one place.

You can create a OneNote document library and keep your company’s OneNote notebooks into the document library and you can also manage permission in the library.

Create OneNote document library SharePoint 2013

To create OneNote document library, Open your SharePoint 2013 Online site, click on the Settings icon then click on Add an App.

From the list of Apps template click on Document Library. This will open the Adding Document Library dialog box. Do not give the name or click on Create. Simply click on Advanced Options as shown in the fig below:

create onenote document library sharepoint 2013

This will open the New page with other options. Give a name for the document library, Add a description. Choose the document version history. And then From the dropdown list in Document Template, choose “Microsoft OneNote 2010 Notebook”. And then click on Create. See fig below:

sharepoint 2013 onenote document library

You can now upload all OneNote notebooks into this SharePoint OneNote document library in SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint Online.

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Here, we learned how to create a OneNote document library in SharePoint Online or SharePoint 2013.