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InfoPath alternatives for form designing SharePoint
While developing Office 365 projects with custom branding, the question always come where to start. Shall we develop Sandbox solution or use ECMA scripting and many more options?
I will be sharing few my experience with respect to Office 365 project development with custom UI branding.
Previously I have also discussed about:
Below are few points:
– Always keep the data in SharePoint list whichever will be displayed in home page like announcement, news, events, picture highlights etc. etc. It’s easy for the business user to manage the data in backend list.
– Try to use out of the box webparts , out of the box list views as much as possible.
– If there is any custom branding we can use Content Query Webpart and design the XSLT. This is really quick way display data with custom UI.
– We can also do some extend CSS changes with out of the box forms using CSS.
– If there could be some requirements where we can’t achieve the functionality using OOTB webparts. We can write client side programming to achieve the requirement.
– Try to use Angular JS, form 7 Js framework which has already built-in function. This frameworks makes life easy.
I hope this will be useful.

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