Office 365 New Icons

Microsoft has announced a new set of icons for Office 365. Please find the below image for the same. I think this will impact the existing CSS of many SharePoint sites who had implemented with the color and style of old ICONS.

Microsoft has released new sets of icons for all the products of Office 365 like SharePoint, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, One Note, Skype, Yammer, Microsoft Teams, etc.

New modified Icons of Office 365
New modified Icons of Office 365

This is always a great challenge for SharePoint developers & designers to redesign and structure the entire site and content to align with the new ICONS.

MS is planning to roll out the same icons to Windows/home edition also. Not only the ICONS Microsoft is enhancing the capabilities of Office tools by adding additional capabilities like:

  1. Autosaving of the document
  2. Adding slides from one PPT deck to another PPT deck with the simple mouse clicks
  3. Adding Microsoft forms into Microsoft PowerPoint to get the feedback on the presentation

Watch this below video from Microsoft to see more details about these ICONS.

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I hope you enjoyed the new icons of Office 365 SharePoint Online.

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