Office 365 Admin Center Overview

In this Office 365 tutorial, We will discuss the overview of the Office 365 admin center (Microsoft Office 365 admin center) and we will also discuss how to login to Microsoft Office 365. How to use the navigation menu options in the Office 365 admin center.

If you purchase the office 365 for your business or you have the permission of Microsoft 365 admin center then you can access the Microsoft 365 admin center.

Now, here we will learn how to get access to office 365 admin center and what are the different features of the Microsoft 365 admin center.

How to login to Office 365

I hope you already have a little knowledge of Office 365 and you have an Office 365 subscription. If you do not have any Office 365 subscription, you can sign up for an Office 365 subscription.

  • Sign in to with your office 365 credentials.
  • Click on App launcher then select Admin.
Office 365 Admin Center
Office 365 admin center
Office 365 Admin Center overview
Office 365 app launcher

Here, Microsoft 365 admin center page is open.

microsoft 365 Admin Center
Microsoft 365 admin center

Office 365 Admin Center Overview

There are the following features mentioned in the left-hand navigation menu of the Microsoft 365 admin center.


  • Here you will see the User management, Billing, Office apps, Training, and guides.
  • At the top, there are Add card, Dark mode, What’s new? options are also available.
  • By using the Dark mode option you can change the mode of your office 365 page.
  • By using the Add card option you can choose a card and add to your home page.
  • By using What’s new option you can know the Microsoft office 365 admin center new features and changes updated by Microsoft based on the user’s feedback.


Here you will see the following options mentioned below:-

  • In Active user option here you can add new users to Office 365, delete user, add multiple user, and multi-factor-authentication. you can also set the permission level and set the password for Office 365 user.
  • In Contacts option here you can add a contact with Contact Name, Email, Company, and Office phone. Also Export contacts, and Refresh
  • from Guest users option here you can see the guest users with Display Name, Email address, and Choose columns.
  • From the Deleted user option, here you can restore the deleted user.
microsoft 365 Admin Center features


Here you will see the following option mentioned below:-

  • In Groups option you can add a group, export group, and manage groups in your organization.
  • In Deleted groups option all the deleted groups will be shown on this page for 30 days. If you want to restore you can restore in office 365 group.
  • Shared mailboxes option can be used by a group of people, like a support team, to receive and send emails from the same email address. Select a shared mailbox to add or remove members, set up automatic replies, manage aliases, and more.


  • Roles give users permission to view data and complete tasks in the admin centers.
  • It gives users only the access they need by assigning the least-permissive role
  • In the roles option, you can also Export the admin list.


  • In Rooms & equipment options you can add a new resource with name, Email, Phone number and you can also select the resource type.
  • In Site option you can create site collection.


In Billing option there are following options mentioned below:-

  • In the Purchase service option, you can see all the services of purchase details.
  • Your product option, you can see your product details.
  • In Licenses, you can select a product and assign licenses.
  • In Bills & Payments, there is a list of invoices for the selected time period.
  • The Billing amount option manages your purchasing relationship with Microsoft. Each billing account contains defining info about your organization, like addresses, contact info, and any tax info that applies.
  • In the Payment method option, you can add a payment method.
  • In Billing notifications option the admins will get the billing notification and renewal reminders.


There are followings options mentioned below:-

  • In New service request, you can get an option of an automated Support Assistant.
  • In View service request you can see the service request history.
  • In the Customer lockbox request option, you can see the service request with a reference number.


There are following options mentioned below:-

  • In Domains option here you can add and update a domain name or you can also buy a domain.
  • In Microsoft Search option here is insight, answers, and configuration.
  • In the Org Settings option, there are services, Security and policy, and organization profile.
  • In Add-ins option you can Deploy add-in with name, descriptions, and Host -apps.
  • In Partner relationship options you can view the list of partners with company and relationship.


  •  In the Setup option, you can set up your domain, installing your Office apps, and adding users. The guided setup will walk you through each step.


  • In reports, there are Productivity score, Usage, and Security and compliance. Here you can see how people in your organization using Microsoft 365.


There are following options mentioned below:-

  • In health options, you can view the health status of all services that are available with your current subscriptions.
  • You can also add a new Report an issue in the service health page.
  • In Message center option each message gives you a high-level overview of a planned change and how it may affect your users and links.

Admin Centers

There are following options mentioned below:-

  • Admin centers are available to you depend on your plan and region.
  • In the Exchange admin center, you can manage calendars, emails, and public folders, and many more. You can also manage advanced email settings, such as quarantine, encryption, and mail flow rules.
  • In the Security option, you get visibility into your security state, investigate and protect against threats, get recommendations on how to increase your security, and more.
  • In the Compliance option, you can manage your compliance needs using integrated solutions for data governance, encryption, access control, eDiscovery, and more.
  • In the Azure-Active Directory, you can go deep with identity management. Enable multi-factor authentication, self-service password reset, and edit company branding.
  • In the SharePoint option, you can manage site collections, list and library permissions, file storage, and sharing.
  • In Teams option, you can configure message, conferencing, and external communication options for your users.
  • In All admin centers options here is the list of all the admins with their name and description.
  • In Customize navigation option you can show or hide navigation items in your navigation pane. Other admins won’t see your changes.
office 365 admin center tutorial


  • At the topmost right corner, there is a Settings icon, where you can set the Themes.
  • From Language and time zone options you can select the language, date, and time format of Microsoft office 365.
  • From the Notification option, you can customize settings.
  • From the Password option, you can change the password of Microsoft office 365.
  • From the Contact preferences option, change your contact preferences.

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Here, in this tutorial, we learned

  • Overview of the Office 365 admin center (Microsoft Office 365 Admin center).
  • How to login office 365 Admin Center
  • Features of Microsoft 365 admin center.