Null Coalescing Operator in C#.Net

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In this article, we will discuss C#.Net Null Coalescing operator. You can also check my previous posts on:
This is a binary operator which is helpful in case of Null values evaluation and is noted as ??
A ?? B
Here it means if A is not null then evaluate A else take the value of Y.
int? i = null;
int j = a.Value;
Here in the 2nd statement, it will give an exception because we are trung to get the value which is null.
So to avoid the situation we can use Null Coalescing Operator
int? i = null;
int j = a ?? 0;
Here it will not give any exception rather it will take 0 and assign it to j.
If a is not null then it will evaluate an else it will take the value provided in Null Coalescing Operator which is 0 in this example.

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