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New Features of SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 has some new features which make it more reliable and easy. It is a collaboration environment which increases the efficiency of the business process. It has the flexible management option that gives the ability to manage the site. Take a look on the new features of the SharePoint 2013.

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Authentication: In SharePoint 2013, Claim-based authentication is easier to use. It helps in the support for application authentication by server-to-server authentication and O Auth 2.0. It is a standard protocol which provides redirection-based and temporary authentication.

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Business Connectivity Service: This is also known as BCS. SharePoint 2013 supports OData (Open Database Protocol) which enable us to access data sources in the different way. It uses constructed URL’s. BCS supports basic, anonymous and custom authentication OData services. If you user want more separate levels then, use OData connection.

Mobile Devices: There are many new things in SharePoint 2013 for mobile devices like: Optimized mobile browser experience, Device channels, Push notifications, Business intelligence content and Office Web Apps. These options improve worker productivity and usability on device. In mobile app development, a geolocation filed type is available for better performance.

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Web Content Management: In SharePoint 2013, User can see the improved video upload process, and improved image display. Website has a rendition feature, which has the ability to reduce the size of the image files that is downloaded to a client. It has cross-site publishing, which is used to display content in one or more publishing site collections.

Social Computing and Collaboration: This feature makes the enterprise social computing and collaboration easier. Social content technologies such as: blogs, RSS, wikis are the examples of social computing. This feature is mainly use to share knowledge and expertise between users. This sharing information increases collaboration visibility of the informative content.

Cloud App Model: It is one of the best features of SharePoint 2013. This feature enables you to create apps. Apps in the SharePoint are separate piece of the functionality which performs different task. An app made up of SharePoint components like: List, Workflow and site pages. An app has few or no dependencies on the other software or devices.

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