New Features in SharePoint Designer 2013

In this post, we will discuss the new features in SharePoint designer 2013. Microsoft did some major changes in the SharePoint designer tool in 2013 compared to 2010.

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Here are some new features:

– No Design View: The popular SharePoint 2010 design view is not there in SharePoint 2013 designer now.

– Workflow Improvements: SharePoint 2013 designer now becomes a very powerful tool for building, packaging and installing workflow. You can create SharePoint 2013 as well as 2010 workflow using SharePoint designer 2013. Whenever you will create a workflow, it will ask you the platform type (SharePoint 2010/SharePoint 2013).

SharePoint 2013 workflow is built using Windows Azure Workflow services. So the SharePoint site that you connect SharePoint Designer with must have Windows Azure Workflow services installed prior to creating SharePoint 2013 workflows.

SharePoint designer 2013 comes with new shapes like Stages, Loops, and Steps. So without using visual studio now we will be able to use looping.

Visual designer views now in SharePoint designer so that we will get the same experience provided by Visio. But to get the same experience Visio 2013 installed on the same machine as SharePoint Designer installed.

Copy and Paste workflow steps now possible in SharePoint designer workflow. You can Ctrl-C and then Ctrl-V just in your workflow Step to copy conditions or actions etc. The good thing is it is available for both 2013 and 2010 platform type. The bad thing is you can not use CTNL+Z to undo the last command.

To pass data around the workflow, SharePoint designer now introduced to use Dictionary type variable, in which you can store in Name/Value pair.

SharePoint designer 2010 comes with new actions, like Call Web Service Action and this action is used to make an HTTP web service call and return the data in the JSON format. Another workflow action name as Start Workflow is introduced to allow SharePoint 2013 workflows to start SharePoint 2010 workflow’s direction from the workflow.

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