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New Delegate Control additions to the SharePoint 2013

sharepoint 2013 delegate control promotedactions.png

In SharePoint 2013, three new delegate controls were introduced. These were actually based on the new master page structure in SP 2013. Since in SharePoint 2013 we have “suites” defined in layout i.e. left suite bar and right suite bar, so the delegate controls are based on them.

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These Controls are:

  • PromotedActions Delegate Control
  • SuiteBarBrandingDelegate delegate Control
  • SuiteLinksDelegate delegate Control

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So let’s take a look at where these controls are placed on the Master page and how we can replace them.

PromotedActions in SharePoint 2013:

Delegate control is that part of header which contains links like “Share, Follow ,EDIT ” etc. It is empty Out-Of-The-Box, but you could add your own elements/functionality in there. You could also move the 3 elements listed below around to sort the links in a better way, for instance having all your custom actions first and then the ones provided by SharePoint to its right.

sharepoint 2013 delegate control
sharepoint 2013 delegate control

An example: So we can use this delegate control to add our own controls to adding an additional link may look like this:

new delegate controls in sharepoint 2013
new delegate controls in sharepoint 2013

SuiteBarBrandingDelegate in SharePoint 2013:

This delegate care about top left site logo and text. Facilitates us to override the left-top corner text for the site. This text can only be replaced by Overriding SuiteBarBrandingDelegate Delegate Control with Custom Control Created using Visual Studio. Normally, there’s a text reading “SharePoint” .So we can replace it with the title of our own site:

Header before

types of delegate control in sharepoint 2013
types of delegate control in sharepoint 2013

After apply delegate control

delegate control in sharepoint online
delegate control in sharepoint online

SuiteLinksDelegate in SharePoint 2013:

SuiteLinksDelegate is a new delegate control introduced in SharePoint 2013. If you are looking to add a new link just next to “Sites, NewsFeed, SkyDrive” etc. on the top bar of your SharePoint site. You can now do that with a new delegate control “SuiteLinksDelegate”. The SuiteLinksDelegate control will allow us to modify the default links,

For Example: To add our own links, in the “suit links” section

additionalpagehead delegate control sharepoint 2013
additionalpagehead delegate control sharepoint 2013

Replace with:

sharepoint 2013 create delegate control
sharepoint 2013 create delegate control

Hope this will be helpful.

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