My Site cleanup Job in SharePoint 2013

In this post, we will discuss My Site Cleanup Job in SharePoint 2013.

Here are some point about My Site Cleanup Job:

– The My Site Cleanup Job is responsible for deleting user profiles and My Sites of those users.

– The My Site Cleanup Timer Job runs by default once per hour.

– On the Monitoring page, in the Timer Jobs section. You can click Review job definitions to see a list of all timer jobs.

How My Site cleanup Job deletes the unused my sites?

– Remove user profiles that are queued for deletion. If those users have a My Site, assign the user’s manager as the SPSite.SecondaryContact. Email the manager letting them know that the user’s My Site will be deleted in 14 days.

– 11 days after the first notification, email the manager again letting them know that the My Site will be deleted in 3 days. After a total of 14 days, delete the MySite.

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