Move SharePoint databases to new SQL server

This SharePoint tutorial, we will discuss, the need to move SharePoint Databases to new SQL Server and how to move the SharePoint database to the new SQL Server.

SQL Server is a relational database service on the leading market of the SQL Server engine. It provides various performances, business continuity, scalability with no downtime, data protection, etc.

It is mainly used on the organization platforms for data integration, data analysis, and processing components. It is very stable, popular, affordable, as well as a fast database engine.

Why do users need to move SharePoint database to SQL Server?

SharePoint is a web-based application, which enables an organization to work more professionally by allowing the users to share the data, information, and documents. There are various SharePoint products for an organization, which offers a unique set of advantages to users.

However, there is some circumstance that is faced by users while using SQL Server such as – SharePoint has some file size limit because of which it creates a problem in synchronization of the file. It even blocks some file types to be uploaded on SharePoint. It does not have any profile pages for any external content type. It does not work in offline mode; it needs proper internet connectivity to work. Even, it does not have any search integration.

To overcome such shortcomings, many users are moving their data from SharePoint databases to the new SQL Server.

Move SharePoint databases to new sql server

The user can easily move the SharePoint database to a new SQL Server by following the steps given below:

Run CMD in administration mode and type the following command:


Now a client-server-client network utility window will appear, enable the TCP/IP on it. Select Alias >> Add > type the same name for server >> OK

Then Open SharePoint management shell and type a command


Now the entire database for SharePoint will be listed.

Copy all the GUID and paste it into a notepad file.

Now type a command on SharePoint management shell


Write the following command and then type an update command


Follow the above two steps for all GUID’s

Now, Start all the SharePoint services that were stopped earlier and Open SQL administration and enter credentials.

Now, you can easily view your entire SharePoint database in SQL Server. The above blog discusses a procedure for migrating SharePoint database to SQL Server with the combined usage of CMD and PowerShell. Users need to use cmdlet for moving the data from one database to a new server however, a set of requirements needs to be fulfilled beforehand to make the procedure feasible.

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I hope this will be helpful to know the need to move SharePoint Databases to new SQL Server and how to move the SharePoint database to new SQL Server.

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