Microsoft Kaizala Management Portal Overview

This tutorial explains, an overview of Microsoft Kaizala Management Portal. Here we will check out what is Microsoft Kaizala? How to create an account on in Microsoft Kaizala? What the various features of Microsoft Kaizala.

Kaizala comes as a Part of office 365 subscription which was developed by Microsoft and it was launched in India 2017 and after that expanded to 28 countries.

What is Microsoft Kaizala?

Microsoft Kaizala is a messaging system that is like Whatsapp. We can officially use this app to collaborate with our external and internal team members in our organization.

We can also download this app from the Google play store to use in our mobile device.

Kaizala is a phone-number based, simple, and secure mobile chat app that enables you to connect and coordinate work across your network – your organization, vendors, partners, suppliers, and customers, etc.

Create an account in Kaizala

Step 1: Log in to your office 365 and go to the admin center and search Kaizala. You can get it from the App launcher also. Next click on it to register your phone number.

Microsoft Kaizala

Step 2: Once you click on it, it will ask to choose the country and Phone number.

what is Microsoft Kaizala

Step 3: Once you click on it, you will receive a link with OTP in your mobile number which can help you to register the account. You can download the app and register your self or you can do it on the computer.

Create an account in Kaizala

Step 4: If you want to open it in web, then you have to do the pairing .

Create an account in Microsoft Kaizala

Step 5: Once the register got successful, you will redirect to the home page where you can update your profile.

Microsoft Kaizala create an account

Step 6: There is an option where you can create a group and add a number of people where you can send a message to multiple people at the same time.

microsoft kaizala web download

Step 7: In charts, you can see all history whom you talk in past .

microsoft kaizala web app

Step 8: Once you click on any of the users, you can simply send a message like WhatsApp or Facebook.

microsoft kaizala web login

Step 9: As an admin user, you can see more options where you can download the report.

microsoft kaizala web

Step 10: Here is the summary report where you can find the total users and other details.

microsoft kaizala app

Step 11: Here you can download the activity report based on the Start Date and End Date.

microsoft kaizala for pc

Step 12: Here you can get the location details where you can easily find from which country, how many responses.

microsoft kaizala download

Microsoft Kaizala Features

Below is the list of features which is available in Kaizala to connect with the employee.

  • Workflow management
  • Message broadcasts
  • Surveys and polls
  • Integration with third-party applications
  • Extensibility through REST APIs
  • Job and task assignments
  • Reports for visualizing productivity trends and performance
  • Power BI-based dashboard
  • Controlled access and security features
  • Quick on-boarding and group management


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