Microsoft Forms – Overview and How to use

Have you tried Microsoft Forms app in Office 365 or Microsoft 365? This is an awesome tool to create surveys in Office 365. Let us discuss an overview of Microsoft forms and how to use Microsoft forms.

Microsoft Forms Overview

Microsoft Form is a very user-friendly app, part of Office 365, where we can easily create surveys, Polls, quizzes, and polls without any custom coding. And it works with all the browsers.

You can use Microsoft forms with an Office 365 subscription. But if you want to take the Microsoft forms pro version, you can upgrade or, you can also get it with Microsoft Dynamics 365 subscription.

How to use Microsoft Forms

Now, let us see how to use Microsoft forms.

Step-1: If you have an Office 365 subscription, Login to your office 365 account and from the app launcher you can see Forms like below:

Microsoft Forms
Microsoft Forms

Step 2: Once you open the Microsoft Form, Microsoft has already provided many Microsoft forms templates that you can use for your work. You can also create a new form or you can modify the existing template to design the form.

Few popular templates are:

  • Customer Feedback Survey
  • Course Evaluation Survey
  • Event Feedback Survey
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey
  • Event Registration etc.
Microsoft Form survey templates
forms templates

Step 3: Here is my registration page which I have created for my work purpose.

microsoft forms registration form

Step 4: When you create a new control, it will ask which option you want. Is it a Choice filed, Text, rating or date, etc.

add questions in microsoft forms

Step 5: You can also use the required option to make this as required field and you can apply restrictions like Number, Text, and Date, etc.

Microsoft forms required field

Step 6: You can also make your control as long answer or short answer.

How to use Microsoft Forms

Step 7: There are various default Themes provided by Microsoft that you can use for the styling of your Microsoft forms. You can also change the Theme of your form when you click on any existing theme.

Change theme microsoft forms

Step 8: Microsoft forms support Multilingual. You can add language here where you can switch from one language to another easily.

Change language in microsoft forms

Step 9: Microsoft forms are responsive in nature, means the forms will appear properly in various devices like computer or mobile devices. There is a preview option where you can see your form in a Computer view or Mobile view.

microsoft forms examples
microsoft forms examples

Step 10: When you open this form, It will show your collections of language which you have added in your settings.

Microsoft forms languages

Step 11: I can easily switching to different language by clicking any language in the language dropdown in Microsoft forms.

microsoft forms examples

Step 12: This is my mobile view of your forms, where user can able to see the Form in mobile without breaking of any design.

microsoft forms tutorial

Step 13: Here you can apply your setting as per your organization standard. You can share this with external users as well as internal users.

You can set the start date of your survey and end date of your survey.

You can also apply customized messages which will show to the user after submitting the survey. You can also check the notification where you will get an email if anyone submits the request.

microsoft forms tutorial

Step 14: User will get this type of screen once Microsoft forms survey date end.

microsoft forms download

Step 15: Once your survey gets ready, you can share the link via email or you create this as embed or QR code, etc. Very easily you can share the Microsoft survey with users or every you can share with a link.

how to share survey in microsoft forms
share survey in microsoft forms

Step 16: Once your survey submitted, You will get a Thanks email like below screenshot.

share survey in microsoft forms

Step 17: Once survey get submitted, Admin will get a notification via email.

Microsoft forms survey notifications
Microsoft forms survey notifications

Step 18: Once you click on the view, you will get the response here and you can also see count of response till now.

forms survey responses
forms survey responses

Step 19: You can also see the response with Time of completion of each response.

Microsoft forms survey responses
Microsoft forms survey responses

Step 20: You can also export your forms survey response to Excel sheet.

Export survey results to excel in forms
Export survey results to excel in forms

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