Manually Trust SharePoint Add-in in SharePoint Online

This SharePoint Apps tutorial, we will discuss, how to manually trust a SharePoint hosted add-in developed using visual studio 2015/2017 in SharePoint Online site.

Recently we were developing a SharePoint hosted add-in and in the AppManifest.xml file, we have specified the permissions for SharePoint Add-in will request while installation time.

Once we deploy the SharePoint add-in, it will ask you to trust the Add-in like below:

Manually Trust SharePoint Add-in in SharePoint Online

If you are not able to Trust the Add-in after deployment, we can also trust it from the site itself like below:

Open the developed site and then open the “Apps in Testing” document library, where all Apps will be there. click on the … for the particular add-in and then click on “MANAGE PERMISSIONS” tab like below:

Manually Trust SharePoint Add-in in SharePoint Online

This will open the same screen where you can Trust the application.

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This SharePoint tutorial explains, how to manually trust SharePoint hosted add-in or apps using visual studio 2015/2017.

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