Make Title field read-only using SPClientTempltes and JSLink in SharePoint Online

js link sharepoint 2013 list view

In this article, I would like to enhance your Client Side Rendering code patterns in SharePoint 2013. Here we will see how can we make Title column or field read only using SPClientTempltes and JSLink in SharePoint Online/2013/2106.

Scenario Make Title field read-only while Item editing

My client asked me to implement a quick change by making Title  field read only when item is editing. This must be a quick and must not include any VS code as it has to be deployed in O365.

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Solution using SPClientTempltes and JSLink

I have implemented a solution using SPClientTemplates and added this as a JSLink reference as part of view in list item edit page.

Please follow the below steps to achieve this:

  1. Copy the below code block and save it as “ttlReadOnlyEditPage.js”
  2. Copy / upload the js file on to site asserts / any document library
  3. Open the list and click on any list item
  4. Edit the list item
  5. Click on edit page option as part of site setting gear icon
  6. Edit list view webpart and find for miscellaneous zone
  7. Refer the js file copied in Asserts library and apply the changes
  8. Save the page edit change.
jslink in sharepoint online
js link sharepoint 2013 list view
js link sharepoint 2013 list view
spclienttemplates example
spclienttemplates example

————- Code Block Start ————————

var EnjoySharePoint = EnjoySharePoint || {};
EnjoySharePoint.TitleFieldReadOnly = function () {
varctx= {};
ctx.Templates= {};
ctx.Templates.Fields= {
Title: {
EnjoySharePoint.TitleReadOnly = function (ctx){
————- Code Block End ————————
Hope this helps, happy development in SharePoint Online!!!
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