Install and UnInstall SharePoint 2013/2016 Apps/Add-ins using PowerShell

This PowerApps SharePoint tutorial explains, how to install apps or add-ins using PowerShell in SharePoint 2013/2016. We will also see how to uninstall SharePoint 2013 apps or add-ins using PowerShell.

If you are developing a SharePoint hosted app using Visual Studio then when you will publish the app, it will create a .app file. Before executing any PowerShell command make sure we have the .app file is ready.

Install SharePoint Apps or Add-ins using PowerShell

Follow the below steps to install apps in SharePoint 2013/2016 using PowerShell.

Installing an app has two steps:

  • First, we need to Import the .app file to the site collection.
  • Then install the app to any site or subsite

1- Import App to Site Collection:
This we can do by using the Import-SPAppPackage cmdlets.


$myapp = Import-SPAppPackage -Path < Path to app > -Site < URL > -Source < Source >

Here Path is the file path where your .app file presents
URL: URL of the Site Collection where you want to import.
Source: This can be Marketplace or CorporateCatalog, developer site, ObjectModel, etc.

$myapp = Import-SPAppPackage -Path "c:\" -Site "http://SiteCollectionURL" –Source ObjectModel

This will import the .app file to the site collection.

2-Install the App in the SharePoint Site:

Now you can install the app to a site or subsite by using Install-SPApp cmdlets.

Install-SPApp -Web http://SiteCollectionURL/site -Identity $myapp

UnInstall SharePoint Apps using PowerShell

To uninstall an app, first, we need to get a particular app from the site.

$installedapp = Get-SPAppInstance -web http://SiteCollectionURL/site | Where-Object { $_.Title -eq "myapp" }

Then you can uninstall by using Uninstall-SPAppInstance cmdlets.

Uninstall-SPAppInstance -Identity $installedapp

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Hope, this SharePoint tutorial explains, how to install and uninstall SharePoint apps using PowerShell.

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