In4Velocity Asp.Net interview questions and answers

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Here are the questions and answer:
1- There are 2 tables in which one column of one table is foreign key of another table. Count the no of records present in each id of first table.
2-     1   A  200
       2   B  300
       3   C  400
       4   D  500
  WAP to find like below output.
       1 A 200
       2 B 500
       3 C 900
       4 D 1400
3- How many of UDF are there in sql server ?
4- What do you mean by foreign key ?
5- What is a view ?
6- Can we use getdate() in UDF in sql server ?
7- Do you know design pattern ? Any one.
8- What is abstract class ? When you will use this ?
9- What is interface ? When you will use this ?
10- What is polymorphism ? Explain static and dynamic polymorphism ? [Answers]
11- What happens if a abstract class implements an interface ?
12- Is is possible to call a function from ?
13- Disadvantage of stored procedure ?
14- What is parametrised view ?
15- How to return a parameter as output in ?
16- How to pass parameter to a trigger in sql server ?
17- Can we use getdate() in a UDF in sql server ?
18- What is the purpose of using USING statement in c# ?
19- Difference between Response.Redirect and Server.Transfer ?
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