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In this post we will discuss about an issue which comes usually while adding a document library to a page or sometimes while trying to add a document to a document library in SharePoint 2013.

Recently in a document library when we try to check out a pdf document it shows below error.

The URL ‘Doclib/mydocument.pdf’ is invalid. It may refer to a nonexistent file or folder, or refer to a valid file or folder that is not in the current Web.

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Then when we try to add the document library view (as a list view web part), we got the below error:

HRESULT: 0x80131904

Basically we were not able to do any operation with the document library or with any document.

Then when we got the error message from the correlationid, we got the below error.

The transaction log for database ‘content_db_name’ is full due to ‘LOG_BACKUP’.

So there were disk space issue with the content database in sql server. After we fix that, the issue got resolved and we were able to check out the documents.

So for this issue, we need to make sure that there are enough free space for the SQL Server.

Hope this will be helpful.

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