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How to read recurrence Pattern of a outlook meeting using redemption using c#.net?

In this post, we will discuss How to read recurrence Pattern of an outlook meeting using redemption using c#.net? Also, you can check out my previous posts on:
It’s really very difficult to read all the occurrences of a recurring meeting using any of the APIs available in the market. Sometimes if you will read through outlook APIs then it will not give the correct time if a user sends the meeting from different time zone. Hope the below way somehow help you to read the recurrence item.
        RDOSessionClass session = new RDOSessionClass();
                session.Logon(“”, “”, false, false, null, false);
                RDOFolder folder = session.GetDefaultFolder(rdoDefaultFolders.olFolderCalendar);
                RDOItems items = folder.Items;
   foreach (object item in items)
                    if (item is RDOAppointmentItem)
  RDOAppointmentItem rdoItem = item as RDOAppointmentItem;
  RDORecurrencePattern recPatt = rdoItem.GetRecurrencePattern();
                        int j = 1;
                        for (j = 1; j <= recPatt.Occurrences; j++)
//This loop will run for the no of ocuurance the recurring meeting contains.
                            RDOAppointmentItem rdoItem1 = null;
                                rdoItem1 = (RDOAppointmentItem)recPatt.GetOccurence(j);
                            catch (System.Exception ex)
If there will be no end date is selected in the recurring Pattern then the Occurrences count returns 0. But the most important thing is that it also gives the perfect time in case if the user changes the timezone.
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