How to install Active Directory on Windows server 2016 Step by step?

This article will help to install Active directory on windows server 2016 TP 5, As Microsoft has announced the release for windows server 2016 TP 5.

You can download windows 2016 TP 5 from below link:

Download from .VHD file and deploy using Hyper V Manger or Bootable disk. We have two option to install the server using GUI or core version.

In last article we have installed windows server 2016 TP 5, you can see from below link:

So now we will see how we will deploy first ADDS on windows server 2016.

Refer below link to see what’s new in Active Directory Domain Services Technical Preview.

Install Active directory domain services on windows sever 2016 TP5.

First, we will some prerequisites before proceeding to installation and deployment.

Prepare for Active directory
– Specify the Preferred DNS server, Means we need to assign unique IP address to the server.

Download the full document from here.

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