How to enable usage reports in SharePoint 2013/2016

The objective of this article is to walk you through, how to enable usage log reports in SharePoint 2013. In the same way, also we can enable sharepoint 2016 usage reports.

This is very important while providing audit reports and security team. SharePoint admin should be able to provide all the user’s information who are accessing the sites and when did they access all the information at any point in time. Without enabling the usage report log option we couldn’t be able to generate any data.

Enable usage reports SharePoint 2013/2016

Please follow the below steps to enable/configure the usage report log in SharePoint 2013.

Log on to any SharePoint web front end server as FARM administrator.

Open SharePoint central admin with run as administrator.

Click on Monitoring.

enable usage reports sharepoint 2016

Click on Configure usage and health data collection.

Monitoring -> Reporting -> Configure usage and health data collection.

enable usage log reports sharepoint 2013

Select the checkbox “Enable usage data collection” under Usage Data Collection.

enable usage log reports sharepoint 2016

Select all the required checkboxes as part of Events to log as per the business need.

enable site usage report sharepoint 2013

In this page, we also mention the path for log file default path is:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\15\LOGS\

sharepoint enable usage reports

Enable “Health Data Collection” if you weren’t to see any health reports.

enable site usage report sharepoint 2013

This health and usage log reports will be logged by default to a DB in the same DB server.

enable usage reports sharepoint 2013

With the below query we can get some usage report

select top 1000 ServerUrl, UserLogin, LogTime, RowCreatedTime
from [WSS_Logging].[dbo].[RequestUsage]
where 1=1
and LogTime >= '2016-09-09'
order by LogTime desc
enable usage reports sharepoint 2016

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