How to create SQL Database in Microsoft Azure Portal

This Azure tutorial, we will discuss what is Azure SQL database? how to create SQL database in the Microsoft Azure portal.

What is Azure SQL Database?

Microsoft Azure SQL Database (formerly SQL Azure, SQL Server Data Services, SQL Services, and Windows Azure SQL Database) is a cloud-based service from Microsoft offering data-storage capabilities. The aim is for users to just communicate with a T-SQL endpoint rather than managing database storage, files, and high availability.

In this regard, it is a similar offering to Amazon Relational Database Service. Early versions operated as key-value pair tables accessed via a REST-based API and offering only a subset of the data types offered by the Microsoft SQL Server on-premises product. Using these versions was not similar to using the SQL Server database engine and led to relatively low adoption rates.

Create a SQL database using Azure Portal

It’s about a Single database, We will see about how to create DB in the Azure portal.

Create a SQL Database logical server to host SQL databases

Create a SQL database with no data, with sample data or with data from a SQL database backup.

Create a server-level firewall rule for a single IP address or for a range of IP addresses.
We are creating with our Azure subscription, if you don’t have an Azure subscription, you can create a free account in just a couple of minutes.

Login to the Azure portal site using your subscription id and password

Once login you will be on the Portal page of Azure.

Use the following steps in the Azure portal to create an Azure SQL Database server.

If not currently connected, connect to the Azure portal.

create sql database in azure

Click New, Select Data+Storage Option on the Azure portal page.

create sql database in azure portal

Select SQL database after clicking on Data+Storage Option.

microsoft azure sql database step by step

Once you will click on SQL database, Information wizard will come to provide the values for the following server properties:

  • Database name
  • Subscription (only if you have multiple subscriptions)
  • Resource group (if just getting started, use the resource group of the logical server)
  • Select source (you can choose a blank database, sample data or a database backup)
  • Server (a new or existing logical server)
  • Server admin password
  • Password
  • Pricing tier (if just getting started, use the default value S0)
  • Collation (only if blank database was chosen)
create azure sql database

Click Create after entering all required field, it will start deployment that we can on the portal page

Click Create and in the notification area, you can see that deployment has started.

microsoft azure sql database step by step

Wait for deployment to finish before continuing to the next step.

We can monitor using the portal as well, just go back to the Portal page and see this in blade.

how to create sql database in microsoft azure

Wait for some time till a success message is will show on the notification page, once done click on the created SQL database.

connect to azure sql database

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This Azure tutorial, we learned what is Azure SQL database? how to create SQL database in the Microsoft Azure portal.

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