How to create a Microsoft Azure Active Directory?

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In this post we will discuss how we can create an Active Directory in Microsoft Azure.

Create a Microsoft Azure AD Tenant
Now that we have a Microsoft Azure subscription, we are going to create a Microsoft Azure Active Directory Tenant. This will be the cloud directory that we synchronize our on-premises AD directory with. Create a Microsoft Azure AD Tenant Use the following procedure to sign-up for a Microsoft Azure free trial.
As explain on previous post Azure AD comes with 3 versions. Once you subscribed with required version, to setup log in to Azure Management Portal.

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1. If you are not already signed in to the Microsoft Azure Portal, do this first.

2. In the Microsoft Azure Portal, on the left, scroll down and click Active Directory. This will take you to the active directory screen in the Microsoft Azure portal.

create azure active directory


Then click on +new button on the left hand bottom corner.

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